Tuesday, 17 March 2009

st patricks day wishes

St. Patricks 

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me eye is set on a golden pot
and a golden pot is what I've not
I've answered me riddle
played out on me fiddle
and now I'm in search for what I have not
I've searched the world
for this golden flower
clambering rainbows coloured bower
is there none whose finest hour
deserves this pot of golden shower
but here's a question for me to ask it
much less a pot then perhaps a basket
or even a bunch or perhaps a sprig
a glimmer would fair make me dance a jig
Begosh and begorrah kick me legs higher
me arms at me side oops me feet are on fire
quick fetch me the pot of which I have not
as to quench an ardour couldn't work any harder
I'm away to the land of forty green shades
in a wisp of smoke me silhoette fades
but before I go remember I've not
what I so desire but haven't got
rhymes with hot as in feet on fire
what'sa I hear before I expire
Oh I thought you said
but I clearly misheard
instead of gold t'was a different word
but never e' mind I'll dance with that
and as I bid goodbye I'll doff you me hat
…..He lamented his fate in the June
by singin' a sorrowful tune
many months did it last
'till september was past
then he danced by the light of the moon lol © Lib xx

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